Year By Year Performance Of The System

With two large daily drops since the peak of the GoldBondSystem performance on February 28, it is time to take a deep breath and look at the year by year performance of the system.  Note that the system start was not managed to improve performance but lost money for the first month and a half.  Also, the two worst years were the first two full years.  The start date, November 18, 2004,  is the first day that all three exchange traded funds (GLD<TLT<and SPY) were trading.

The consistency of profits is remarkable.  The first two months of this year were unusually profitable and probably contributes to current profit-taking.

Make More|Risk Less|Give More

Nov 18- Dec 31, 2004         -.2%

2005                                    9.0%

2006                                  10.3%

2007                                   16.7%

2008                                  12.8%

2009                                  10.9%

2010                                  15.7%

2011                                   15.0%

2012 Thru March 13            5.7%

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