In previous writing I’ve referred to using the Vanguard Real Estate Trust ETF (VNQ) in place of the Gold Trust ETF (GLD) at times.  This is a easy substitute for many people since real estate is a more natural investment and because real estate also presents inflation protection.  Also, the GLD ETF provides no income and the VNQ income is quite significant.  A closer approximation to my own trading would include both GLD and VNQ.  So I’m including the data for a portfolio consisting of GLD, TLT, SPY and VNQ.  The position allocated to GLD in GoldBondStocks is divided 50/50 between GLD and VNQ in the GoldBondSPRE portfolio.  This portfolio will be called GoldBondSPRE for its 4 parts, SP representing SPY and RE representing VNQ.  Although the compounded return without dividends for the GoldBondSPRE portfolio as shown is less than the GoldBondStocks portfolio, the portfolio received an extra $23.68 in dividends over the period.

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