Using My Adjusted Price Research Ratio To Improve On S&P

To improve on the S&P invested portion I personally trade a portion of the S&P position based on my Adjusted Price Research Ratio.  The basic Price Research Ratio (Price Per Share/ R&D Per Share) was first disclosed On Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser in October, 1979.  I currently use an Adjusted Price Research Ratio which adds R&D, Cash, Receivables/2, and Inventories/4, Free Cash Flow, and  subtracts Total Liabilities before dividing by Shares Outstanding.  I trade the top 5 S&P stocks using the formula.  Below is a current $100,000 portfolio of the Top 5 S&P  500 stocks using the ratio as of the close August 21.  I will occasionally update the portfolio in the future.

SYMBOL    NAME                                 SHARES            LAST          AMOUNT

NVDA         NVIDIA                                   1581                 21.32            $33708

XLNX          XILINX                                     473                 40.67              19219

LLTC          LINEAR TECHNOLGY            414                 38.65              16004

CSCO         CISCO SYSTEMS                   587                 26.48              15552

LRCX          LAM RESEARCH                   222                 69.75              15517

                                                                       TOTAL VALUE              $100000

                                                                       $SPY                                 197.63

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